Best Fish Finder GPS Combo 2022 – GPS FishFinder Combo

Are you looking for the best fishfinder GPS combo of 2022?

If you are fishing in remote places, getting a fish finder with GPS combo is a no brainer. Having two separate devices for fish locating and navigation sucks. Most modern fishfinders are now equipped with GPS features to make navigation much easier and better. When manufacturers introduced GPS function to the fish finders, they were expensive, but not anymore.

Nowadays, you can get a fishfinder with GPS at a very reasonable price. I have also listed some fishfinder GPS combo at an extremely low price.

Having a GPS feature on the go isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Often overlooked, a lot of people don’t realize how it can be a life-saving decision by choosing a GPS combo fish finder. No matter whether you are just looking to get back to your favorite fishing spots, or just want to make the navigation better, getting any of these devices will significantly improve your fishing experience.

Humminbird 409850-1 Helix 7 SI

Best Fish Finder GPS Combo: Dubbed as one of the best side imaging fish finders of the market, Helix 7 SI comes with built-in GPS feature. With the big 7-inches display, this magnificent device is what you need for fishing. The high-def and crispy 480x800 resolution, the Glass-Bonded display technology bu Humminbird is better than ever. Even if you are gliding through the brightest day of the summer, you will be able to watch details very clearly on the direct sunlight.

Helix 7 Si is one of the few models of fishfinders with side imaging sonar. It’s an ultra-thin beam which can scan the left and right side of your water vessel’s location. Combined with the Down Imaging sonar, this fish finder with GPS can provide photo like images of the bottom, structure, fish, reels, rocks, sands, and more.

In addition to the incredible sonar technologies, Helix 7 Si also comes with GPS feature. It allows you to manage up to 2500 waypoints with 45 routes per waypoints. You will also get precision GP and a built-in Contour XD map for better performance.

  • Big 7 inch high-quality display with 480x800 resolution
  • Glare free and any angle viewing
  • Side Imaging and Down Imaging
  • Incredibly detailed images and readings
  • 16:9 ratio display
  • Photo like image of bottom and structure
  • Easy fish targeting
  • SwitchFire sonar
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in Contour XD map
  • Micro-SD card slot feature
  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Competitive price
  • Only one SD card slot
  • You will have to swap Navionics and SD card. So, you can't use both features at the same time.
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Garmin Striker 4

Garmin Striker 4

Most fish finders with GPS comes at a hefty price, but not Striker 4. Garmin's Striker series comes with incredible features to make it easy to find the best fish locations. Garmin Striker 4 comes with a 3.5-inch display which has 480x320 pixels. Striker 4 has a very strong and rugged design to make it possible to operate in harsh marine environments.

Let’s be realistic: when you buy a fish finder, you want it to have the best sonar systems. Striker 4 is equipped with CHIRP sonar technology. CHIRP is an advanced sonar technology which uses multiple frequencies at the same time. It offers better fish target with less cluttered sonar images of what’s beneath your water vessel.

Garmin provided built-in high-sensitivity GPS system in Striker 4. With the GPS system, you can mark your favorite fishing spots to easily go there at future. It will help you to mark boat ramps, docks, and other important locations. There are other features like waypoint, routes, sharing waypoints, audible alarms, water temperature checking and more

.Another great thing about Striker 4 is its built-in flasher. You can use this feature for ice fishing or vertical jigging. It will be very hard to find a fish finder with such benefits at this low price. But be advised, if you don’t like smaller screens, you should check other devices with big screen. Read: Garmin Striker 4 Review

  • Small and compact rugged design
  • Waterproof rating IPX7
  • Small 3.5" inches display with 480x320 pixels
  • Built-in high-sensitivity GPS
  • CHIRP sonar for better fish target and separation
  • Waypoints with routes
  • Built-in flasher
  • Ice fishing and vertical jigging ability
  • Hard button for easy operation
  • Audible alarm
  • Fish Symbol ID
  • Display is small
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best fish finder with GPS combo

Humminbird Helix 7 DI

Humminbird helix 7 DI is one of my most favorite fish finder with GPS combo. The main reason is its attractive features and high performance. If you love big display then this is your jam. This powerful fish finder with GPS features a 7-inch big display with 800×400 resolution. People who love bright display will find it very attractive.

This fish finder comes with built-in GPS along with 2500 waypoints and 50 routes. The navigational support of this fish finder is excellent and you can keep going to that awesome fishing spot again and again. With the help of micro SD card you can use humminbird lakemaster, autochart, navonicsgold, etc.

There are numerous other features enabled in this fish finder. Its down imaging sonar is very popular for providing a good view to see what’s beneath your boat. You can cover more area or narrow area with the dual beam sonar plus.


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