Deeper FishFinder Review

Deeper fishfinder review






Ease of use







  • High portability
  • Compact design
  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • Easily floats
  • saltwater friendly


  • Non-removable battery
  • low depth reading limit

Looking for the Deeper Fishfinder review? Well, we had the chance to review the Deeper fish finder, and we are here to provide you all the necessary information you need. We have also shared a point system review of Deeper FishFinder at the bottom of the article.

Deeper fish finder is a portable, wireless sonar fish finder which can connect with iOS and Android devices to search for the best spot for fishing. Besides this primary feature, it also offers many other goodies.

Even though Deeper fish finder is mainly made for exploring water to find the best fishing spot, it can be used from a fixed position too. Just tie the deeper fish finder with the fishing line and cast it in a good distance. After that, reel slowly and the deeper fish finder will start scanning the area to transmit the data to your smartphone. Cool, isn’t it?

Deeper Fish Finder Review
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  • Depth up to 130ft.
  • Dual beam: 290kHz(15Degree), 90kHz(55Degree).
  • weight 100 gram or 0.22 pound
  • Diameter 2.6 inch/ 65 millimeter
  • Battery: 4 hour


As you can see in the picture, Deeper is a tennis ball sized sphere made of plastic. Due to the size, it is highly portable and can be carried in your pocket. One more good reasons to get deeper, right? The diameter of this fish finder is only 2.6 inches / 65 millimeter.



This fish finder uses Bluetooth to connect with your device. Since all smartphone comes with Bluetooth feature, you can connect this fish finder with any smartphone which has Bluetooth and the Deeper Fishing app. The Bluetooth range of this device is up to 150 feet (45 meters). Note that cellular data is not required to connect and use this fish finder. Thus, you can use Deeper fish finder anywhere you want.

The Bluetooth range of this device is up to 150 feet (45 meters). Note that cellular data is not required to connect and use this fish finder. Thus, you can use Deeper fish finder anywhere you want.

Deeper FishFinder Review


Deeper fish finder offers dual frequency sonar which covers both the wide and narrow area. For the wider area, you can do a thorough search while the narrow option provides high accuracy returns for a smaller area. The sonar will work from 1.5 feet to 40 feet.

Dual beam: 290kHz(15Degree), 90kHz(55Degree).



deeper fishfinder review

This fish finder can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. Due to the compact size, this is a fantastic fish finder for a kayak.

The weight of this fish finder is only .22 pound, and the diameter is only 2.6 inch. As a result, you can reach amazing fishing spots, which would be quite impossible with regular fish finders. And yes, it floats.

You can use this fish finder on kayak, canoe, boats, on the shoreline, lakes or even in the backyard ponds. You will be amazed to know that Deeper fish finder can be used for ice fishing also. Follow the article to check the ice fishing ability of deeper fish finder in the later part of this Deeper Fishfinder review.



Using the deeper fish finder is very easy. You need to tie down it with the reel and cast it into the water. After that, take your iPhone, iPad or Android device and go to the settings. From there, navigate to the BlueTooth and start the Bluetooth.

Once you start the Bluetooth, you will see a nearby device named Deeper FishFinder, Just tap and connect to it. You don’t need any password or code to connect.

Once the deeper fish finder is connected to your device, open the Deeper FishFinder app on your phone. You will start to see the sonar reading along with other stats. You are ready to start fishing.

As soon as you attach the app with the deeper fish finder, you start to receiving information about fish, depth, bottom contour, structure, water temperature and more.

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Deeper fish finder will connect with your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. In order to see the data, you will need to download their app. If you are using Android, then the required Android version is, at least, Android 2.3 to above. For iOS, you need to have iOS 5+ smartphone or tablet.

Note that the deeper fish finder app is totally free.The primary function of this app is to show you the sonar readings and other necessary data to find the perfect spot for fishing. You can see all the sonar data and readings on your smartphone or tablet’s big screen.

Deeper fish finder app offers some exquisite features to the users. Let’s see a bullet list of some impressive features provided by Deeper fish finder app:

  • lunar fishing calendar
  • up-to-date weather reports
  • integrated camera function,
  • Customized fishing log
  • Integrated map function
  • social media network for sharing


There are several languages if you don’t want to use English. Besides these, you can change the unit system or the sonar frequency too. You can import or export function to use multiple devices or to keep the data in the cloud.

ice Fishing with Deep Fish Finder


Deeper fish finder is one of its kinds to have ice fishing mode. Deeper fish finder offers a 290kHz signal, 15 cone, circular and vertical ice fishing mode.

You can switch from the regular fishing mode to ice fishing and use the deeper as a flasher. The split screen shows regular and flasher mode on one single screen.

You can use the zoom feature to see your chosen area of Vertical flasher for real-time tracking. If you have a smartphone with a big display or a tablet, you will be amazed to see how sharp and easy it is to see the data.

You can adjust and change the sensitivity and choose different cone angles. To start the ice fishing mode, you need to go the setting of modes and enable the ice fishing or flasher. If you want a powerful ice flasher, check Humminbird Ice-45 flasher review.


The battery life of deeper fish finder is splendid. The battery time is up to 4 hours per one full single charge. However, one downside of the deeper fish finder is the non-removable battery. If the battery gets damaged for any reason, you need to send it to a certified technician to get the battery replaced.

It would be great if the user could change the battery by themselves. I hope they add this feature in the future models of Deeper Fishfinder. You can charge the Deeper fish finder with a USB cable (USB cable is not included in the package).


  • Can be used in kayak, boat, lakes or backyard ponds
  • Connects with smartphone within 150 feet
  • Dual beam sonar
  • Can be used in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Ice fishing mode and Ice Flasher
  • Compact design and low weight for better portability
  • No installation required
  • Easy and fast connectivity via the Bluetooth connection
  • Free deeper fish finder app for iOS and Android
  • Fishing log, water temperature, depth reading, fish alert, depth alert
  • Weather reports, lunar fishing calendar
  • Social media integration for sharing
  • Reach unusual places, fish in the dock or shore
  • Floats effortlessly


  • Non-removable battery
  • Depth reading limit could be more


You might think that I am biased towards deeper fish finder, but I am not. I just have to agree that this fish finder offers amazing features at a very reasonable price. No matter whether you are fishing while kayaking or loitering on the pond side to catch some fishes, the Deeper fish finder is there for you. The compact design along with easy connectivity makes sure that you get to move quickly with it.

If you are interested into ice fishing, you can depend on the deeper fish finder. As you have read through this Deeper fish finder review, you will understand the deeper fish finder offers great ice fishing ability along with ice flasher.

I am definitely recommending this fish finder to my fellow visitors. Just think about how much a fish finder with a big display will cost? More than 500$ to $1000 at least, right? Well, if you have a smartphone with a big screen, you can waive off that extreme price by getting this fish finder which can be used in both regular fishing and ice fishing too.

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Deeper is one of my most favorite fishfinders without a doubt. This little FishFinder is able to do amazing stuff at a very reasonable price. It offers a huge number of useful features to maximize your fishing experience. It manages to come at a very decent price too. Shop now at So my vote goes for the Deeper fish finder. I hope you have liked the Deeper fish-finder review. Happy fishing.


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