Garmin Echo 101 Review

Garmin is a famous and renowned company for making top-notch marine electronics. They have introduced some amazing fish finders in the market for the anglers. One of their most popular fish finder is Garmin Echo 101. A lot of people depended on the Garmin Echo 101 for finding their sweet fishing spot.

Garmin Echo 101 is a basic fish finder with essential features. The compact design of this fishfinder makes it suitable for small boat, kayaks, and canoes. Since it takes very low space, it’s super easy to fit it in small vessels.


Garmin Echo 101 Review

Garmin Echo 101 is a very popular fish finder with a 4-inch display with gray scale color. This is a very powerful fish finder under $100. It comes with a space saving design and the sonar features are advanced too. In order to get these types of sonar features, you need to purchase a high priced units.



It has a 4-inch display with 256×160 pixel resolution. The display is good enough to see the reading easily. It comes with 8 level grayscale. It will be hard to find a cheap fish finder with such big 4-inch display. Despite the fact that it has a non-color display, one you start using it, you will be able to find the differences very soon.


garmin echo 101 reviewSonar Technology

This fish finder comes with the Garmin advanced HD-ID sonar which allows you to see the excellent target separation and fish arch definition on the 4-inch display. It’s single beam 200KhZ with the 1600 w peak -to-peak power output can read up to 1500 feet depth.

In order to get dual beam fish finders, you need to spend more. However, this single beam fish finder is enough to provide an excellent view of what’s below your boat.



It comes with a compact design which will be easily placed on your kayak or canoe. People who have small kayaks, canoes or boats will be benefited by its space saving design.


Who should get it?

This fish finder is an excellent choice for both professionals and amateurs. They both can be benefited from this fish finder as it comes with all the basic features they will need. Its HD-ID sonar technology will even empower them to detect the differences between whether it’s a fish or not. This is an excellent fish finder for a kayak in my opinion. Since it takes small space it can be very useful for the kayakers.



Installation of this fish finder is super easy. The quick-release tilt/swivel mount, transducer and versatile transom trolling motor kit make it an easy task to install it.



  • 4-inch gray scale display
  • Garmin HD-ID Sonar technology
  • Maximum depth of 1500 feet
  • Transmit power (RMS)/(Peak-To-Peak): 200 W/1,600 W



  • Excellent value for price
  • HD-ID technology will help you to find the fish and it will help you to differentiate it with other objects
  • Maximum depth 1500 ft
  • Compact stylish space saving design



  • No GPS (come on, it’s a low-cost fish finder)


In this package, you will get

  • Echo 101
  • Dual Beam transducer with transom mount & trolling motor mount
  • Tilt/swivel quick-release mount
  • Power cable
  • Documentation

check price


I hope our Garmin Echo 101 Review will help you to choose whether it is a good fish finder for you or not. However, our test convinced us that it’s a solid performing fish finder at a low price and we highly recommend it to the users. However, if you need more advanced features like Down Imaging Sonar or GPS then you need to check these Best Fish Finder Reviews 2016.


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