Humminbird ICE-45 Three Color Flasher Review

A lot of people use ice flasher for ice fishing. Many people think ice flasher as a mysterious object. Some find it hard to understand the wheel of colors, and some think it as a fish attracting tool. If you are not any of them and know how to use an ice flasher, then you can check this review of Humminbird Ice-45 three-color flasher


Humminbird ICE-45 Three Color Flasher with LCD

Ice fishing is not an easy job if you don’t use ice fishing flasher. If you are serious into ice fishing, then you most probably heard about this ice flasher manufactured by Humminbird.

A flasher is a portable sonar unit which is used to see the bottom, jig or the fish that enters the sonar beam. Humminbird ICE-45 a flasher is a portable sonar unit which is used to see the bottom, jig or the fish that enters the sonar beam.

You will be able to see how high you are lifting the jig, and you can move according to the position of fish. As soon as a fish approaches towards your jig, you will see a colored line, and as it gets closer, it will be thicker.

Humminbird ICE-45 review


ICE-45 comes with a 526 segment of 3 color fiber optic display. The fiber optic display comes with three color pallets to show the fish below the ice. You can adjust the depth scale also.

Humminbird ICE-45 comes with trusted flasher technology to provide you the ability to identify the fish in ice. It has an adjustable zoom which allows you to see the water column in great detail. You can add a dual beam sonar which allows you to a greater detail.

No matter whether it is a small or big jig, it will show. If you know how to read ice flasher reading properly, then this is a great ice fishing flasher.

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It comes with a battery. Using the battery charger is pretty easy. You need to plug it and it will charge. There is no overcharging issue in our research.

Dual Beam:

ICE-45 has a dual beam transducer. If you need to see a detailed view, then you need to use the narrow beam. However, if you want search wide area, then you need to use wide beam.



You can use the zoom feature of this ice flasher. This adjustable zoom feature can come very handy in some situations. Zoom feature can make the are of the water column larger. As a result, it is easier than before to see the activity of fish in that specific area.



It is very easy to maintain an ice flasher. Just clean the transducer cable with a dry cloth and keep it safe. Always charge the battery before using it.

Humminbird ICE-45 Portable Flasher ice flasher


  • Dual-frequency sonar
  • Standard sonar frequency: 240 or 455 kHz
  • Depth capability
  • RMS: 225 Watts
  • Backlight : LED
  • Standard Sonar Coverage:19° & 9° @ -3db
  • Includes battery

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Notable Features:

  1. Great sonar ability. Allows you to see small to big jig, bottom
  2. Middle LCD provides almost accurate reading
  3. Display is easily readable at daylight and night also
  4. Easy to separate the fish, lure and bottom types
  5. Extra cord can be set up for
  6. Depth reading up to 200ft
  7. Zoom feature allows you to look at the section of fish area
  8. seven automatically adjustable depth scales at 20′, 40′, 60′, 80′, 100′, 120′ and 200′
  9. 7 amp-hour battery with charger

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Humminbird ICE-45 is a great ice fishing flasher at a reasonable price. I hope our review on Humminbird ICE-45 will help you to decide. If you are into ice fishing then this is a must have ice fishing gear for you. Humminbird ICE-45 Three Color Flasher is a top notch flasher to have and I recommend it.We will continue to add more valuable information. Meanwhile, you can comment your findings in the comment section below.

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