Lowrance Hook 7 Review

Lowrance Hook 7






Ease of use







  • 7-inches crisp display
  • CHIRP sonar for multiple frequencies at one signal
  • DownScan Imaging
  • Downscan OverLay
  • Built-In GPS antenna


  • takes time to understand the device

Lowrance Hook 7 Review focuses on the brilliant features, notable specifications, usability and benefits of this amazing fish finder. The amazing sonar technology with awesome advanced fish finding features make Lowrance Hook 7 a dream device for anglers.

Lowrance has been famous for making great fish finders for a while. Their latest release is Lowrance Hook 7. Lowrance Hook 7 acts more than a fish finder and has GPS  too. We have provided a thorough review of Lowrance Hook 7, follow it and you will have a good idea of Lowrance Hook 7.

The Lowrance Hook 7 comes with industry-leading technologies with a decent price tag while not compromising on the features and functions. With the help of CHIRP sonar and Downscan Imaging, it is fairly easy to understand what’s beneath your boat. Don’t hesitate to get one, and start catching the fishes.

Lowrance Hook 7
With tons of advanced features for fishing, Lowrance Hook 7 is one of my most favorite fishfinders in the market. It comes with compact design, advanced sonar technologies like CHIRP & DownScan, GPS feature and more. With a decent price tag, it’s here to thrive the fishing experience. Shop now at Amazon.com

 The device on the right is Hook2 7. The latest version of the Lowrance Hook series. Hook2 series comes with advanced Sonar technologies, easy to operate, highly detailed mapping, and more amazing features.

Lowrance Hook 7 Review

Notable Features

From a big sharp display to built-in GPS, this fish finder offers many features. With the help of groundbreaking DownScan technology, it’s very easy to understand the bottom than ever. You can create your own custom maps, record sonar logs, mount easily and more things can be done with Lowrance Hook 7. This review of Lowrance Hook 7 features the most important features, usability and pros/cons of using Lowrance Hook 7.

Undoubtedly, one of the most powerful fishfinders of 2018



Like other good fish finders, Lowrance Hook 7 also comes with a big screen. This fantastic 7-inch display has a high brightness, high resolution, and its Lowrance-exclusive.

You can see all the necessary information on the big 7-inch display. As the screen is big, you can easily maintain and view the data.


Traditional Fish Finders uses a single frequency, which might show some false data like more targets. This might be a problem with the sensitivity issue. As you reduce sensitivity issue, there might be chances of limiting the fish targets. This is where CHIRP is a game changer.

CHIRP sonar is a new technology which offers multiple frequencies in one signal to show more fish target with less clutter on the screen. No matter whether its inland or off the coast, you can take the benefits of the CHIRP sonar. You can clearly identify individual game fish. It’s much easier to fish when you have CHIRP sonar.

  • CHIRP Sonar gives clear images
  • Minimal clutter free display
  • Sharper result

Watch 2 CHIRP settings at once to choose which one offers the best fish finding opportunity.

Review Lowrance Hook 7

DownScan Imaging / Overlay

The DownScan Imaging offers crystal clear photo like images of the structure and bottoms beneath your boat. This technology helps to locate fish and fish-holding structure.

The DownScan Overlay technology uses the DownScan Imaging onto the CHIRP Sonar. By using this technology, this fish finder offers a clear and complete view of the underwater environment, structure, and bottom beneath your boat. This feature allows you to reduce the time to find the fish. You will be able to see the structure and bottom more quickly.

You can view CHIRP sonar along with the DownScan imaging at the same time.

Advanced Signal Processing (ASP)

Lowrance Hook 7 comes with advanced signal processing ability. Adjusting the settings to see different fish, structure and objects might be painful if you don’t have this feature. Usually, it takes some time to do manually. However, advanced signal processing (ASP) allows you to adjust the settings automatically so that you don’t have to waste time. This is a fantastic feature which is loved by anglers.

ASP automatically tunes the sonar settings

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Lowrance Hook 7 comes with built-in GPS function. Note that the GPS is highly accurate and comes very handy for better navigation. While providing the GPS function, this fish finder also has a detailed U.S map integrated. The map offers more than 3000 lakes, rivers and coastal contour up to 1000ft.
The optional Americas chart upgrades include the Lake Insight, Nautic Insight PR, Navionics HotMaps Premium and Fishing Hotspots. This will surely maximize your fishing and navigation experience. You can create your own Insight Genesis custom maps using the sonar logs.


TrackBack is another great feature which makes fishing more exciting. You can record and preview the sonar history for later usage. It will include the structure, transitions, fish targets, pinpoint a location with a waypoint for future references. Revisiting the favorite location is easier when you have Lowrance Hook 7.


This fish finder can be mounted in several ways. So you can find the convenient point for yourself and mount upon your need. You can even take the Lowrance Hook 7 around with you by using their quick release bracket.

Ease of Use

The user interface is quite easy to understand. The Menu button, power button, Zoom button and enter buttons are easy to read. You can operate this fish finder with on hand. If you are entirely new into the fish finder technology, then you need to check the manual and manufacturer’s site for details.


  • Lowrance-exclusive 7-inch high definition display
  • CHIRP sonar for multiple frequencies at one signal
  • CHIRP sonar offers clutter free and sharper display with more fish targets
  • CHIRP sonar plus DownScan imaging for better understanding
  • Convenient page selector menu
  • DownScan Imaging
  • Downscan OverLay to see DownScan imaging with CHIRP sonar at the same time
  • TrackBack features
  • Multi-Window Display feature
  • Create custom Maps using Insight Genesis
  • Built-In GPS antenna
  • Excellent noise rejection
  • Quick release bracket
  • Multiple mounting systems


  • No problem found in my opinion
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Final Verdict

The Lowrance Hook 7 is undoubtedly one of the top leading fish finders at the moment. If you want a top-notch fishing experience at an affordable price the Lowrance Hook 7 is one of your best choices.

Lowrance Hook 7 comes with amazing advanced fishing features with latest Sonar technologies like CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging. What’s more, you get GPS, ASP, Optional chart upgrades and more features to make the fishing much easier than before. I hope our Lowrance Hook 7 review helped you take the decision to get this amazing fish finder.

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